Athens GA’s (probably) first ever VHS FEST! An event for VHS Collectors, Vendors, Filmmakers, & Analog loving geeks! Buy, Sale, Trade w/ VHS Vendors at this first annual VHS swap & shop event. We will also have local musicians, performers, filmmakers & more TBA!


  • John Lester’s Sordid Past
  • Tha Spool
  • Bilbo Books Publishing & Georgia Fine Arts Academy
  • Marty Clark Company
  • Triplebummer
  • Chris Shu
  • Scott Berenhaus
  • Cumulus Records / Golden Harmonium
  • Buzzard Guts
  • Astro Gurl
  • Nathaniel T. Mitchell
  • Garb Harbor
  • Foods in Motion


  • Bad Straples
  • Mr Blank
  • Ihlyatt
  • Of Persephone
  • Toxic Patriarch
  • Nerveclinic
  • Kevin McFoy Dunn
  • Corporal Quigg
  • Sweetearthflying
  • Sun Gong

Presented by JOKERJOKERtv, vhs.or.die, and Super Carnival Recordings
MORE INFO TBA… See FB event page here: